Friday, 21 November 2014

Random Spectacular Two: Ultramarine

 photo RS1-600_zpsb81b4982.jpg  photo RS2-600_zpsb601d28f.jpg Some time ago we adapted the artwork we had created for Ultramarine's album 'This Time Last Year' for an article in Random Spectacular Two. The magazine was completed recently and we got our hands on some copies, very glad we are too as it is a super nice publication full of tasty stuff.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Paul Rudolph for Architectural Review

 photo CoverAR_zpscd826da4.jpg  photo SpreadAR_zps7ce3c1eb.jpg  photo Rudolph-SCREEN-RGB-blu_zps04b543cd.jpg This month's Architectural Review just dropped through the letterbox, and on page 115 is our portrait of one of the leading postwar American modernists, Paul Rudolph. Known as the innovative designer of Florida beach houses and monumental, concrete buildings. Rudolph had many reputations during his six-decade long career, ranging from virtuoso to failure to saint.