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Monday, 27 September 2010


It's been an amazingly fun and tiring week moving the Heretic studio to NEU gallery for the Anti Design Festival (ADF). We have worked our way through endless amounts of black markers, tracing paper, photocopies, SRA2 paper, ink and wine. With the help of our friends from Bare Bones and Le Gun we produced no less than 20 prints + a double sided fold down zine summing up the week. We are all buzzing with new ideas from the experience and the direct communication with all the people who popped in and had a chat, quite a few people went a way with a print or two in their hand as we were selling all the prints for a bargain £10.00 (all in editions of ten). Here is a selection of photos to sum up the week.

Big love to Martin, Shaun, Ana and the 4th Heretic Bruno for allowing us to bring the disorder that is our studio to Neu Gallery,
and showing your support throughout. Maximum boost to Harry Malt and Neville Brody for asking us to get involved.

/////ADF/////////////HERETIC XEROX SECT////////BB//////////UNTIL THE INK RUNS OUT///////////////////////////

more pics here

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