Thursday, 3 October 2013


 photo PosterAni_zpsc4b22f9b.gif  photo psychfest-1-artinstallation_zps9c20ea4f.jpg  photo IMG_0027_zpsc61b1155.jpg  photo IMG_0031_zps920cb8e2.jpg  photo IMG_5265use_zps21c1c308.gif  photo IMG_9926_zps4e6d1e19.jpg  photo IMG_5266_zpsce883fff.jpg  photo IMG_4219_zps01532a99.jpg  photo IMG_0139_zpsc7a66254.jpg  photo IMG_0127_zps944afa87.jpg  photo IMG_0129_zps6c4fe19d.jpg  photo IMG_0142_zpsbc45e3fd.jpg  photo IMG_5268_zps13b26d27.jpg  photo IMG_5260_zps5703f58d.jpg  photo IMG_0028_zps74e0e112.jpg  photo IMG_52551_zps21f8ac25.jpg  photo IMG_9882_zps61b7afbb.jpg  photo IMG_9846_zpsb413ea0b.jpg  photo IMG_4184_zpsdb5deab3.jpg We are just about recovered from a long weekend at the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia. Here are some photos from our collaboration with Sonic Boom - Animorphia. The piece was an experiment in print, light, and sound, inspired by the concept of animism and explorations into visual distortions both man made and those found in nature. It was great to see and meet so many people enjoying the experience and ruining their eyes and minds, we hope you are all ok now :) Big thanks to Sonic Boom and to Craig and the rest of the festival crew for making it all possible. Thanks to Keith Ainsworth for the amazing fish eye shot (2 photos down from top).

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